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What is Bogegroup?

Bogegroup is a leading consulting firm specializing in helping individuals and businesses acquire 0% interest funding. Our seasoned team is committed to offering tailored solutions that empower your financial freedom.



What is Freedom Funding Accelerator?

Freedom Funding Accelerator is our flagship program designed to guide you through obtaining 0% interest funding extremely fast and quickly via business credit cards. It is a done-with-you one-on-one program and dedicated customer support.


What sets us apart from the competition boils down to our unique process, while other companies offer limited options like completely done-for-you services, group coaching, or courses. We Work closely with you so we can navigate avenues that other companies wouldn’t be able to access on your behalf. Your active involvement empowers us to tailor the best approach and leverage optimal strategies with each bank.


Additionally, for members looking for extra guidance, we can connect them with a vast network of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners so that they can avoid trial and error with any business or investment.

What is 0% Interest Funding?

Zero percent interest funding refers to acquiring capital at a 0% interest rate, often through business credit cards. This form of funding provides an interest-free window for investing in business endeavors, offering a significant financial advantage. The objective is to maximize returns during this period without affecting personal credit scores.

How does 0% interest funding work?

Zero percent interest funding provides access to capital through credit instruments—most commonly business credit cards—at an initial 0% interest rate for a specified promotional period. During this time, you can use the funds for various business investments or financial needs without incurring interest charges.


The idea is to take advantage of this interest-free window to make investments that will yield a high return, effectively allowing you to grow your business or personal finances at no extra cost.


The way you obtain this is by applying for business credit cards with your personal credit score.

What are the benefits of 0% interest funding?

Free Capital: The bank charges ZERO DOLLARS for you to apply and get approved for their business credit cards. The absence of interest during the promotional period effectively makes your borrowed capital free money, at least temporarily. This can significantly lower the cost of starting or scaling a business.


Cash Flow Management: With no interest payments initially, managing your cash flow becomes easier. You can allocate resources to more immediate business needs.


Accelerated Growth: The immediate access to capital can fuel faster business growth. Whether it’s for inventory, marketing, or other investments, you can implement your business strategies without delay.


Credit Score Preservation: When properly managed, 0% interest business credit cards often don’t impact your personal credit score, helping you maintain or even improve your credit profile.


Financial Flexibility: Having access to zero-interest capital provides a buffer that can be invaluable for handling unplanned expenses or taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities.

What factors determine approval for 0% interest funding?

  1. Personal Credit Score: Your personal credit score is often the first point of consideration for lenders, and a higher score improves your odds of approval.
  2. Business Credit Profile: An established business credit history can aid in the approval process, although it’s less common for new businesses.
  3. Income: Both your personal and business income levels are evaluated. Higher income may result in higher credit limits and a greater likelihood of approval.
  4. Business Age and Structure: Longer-established businesses may find it easier to get approved, although new businesses are not usually excluded.
  5. Bank Relationships: Having an existing relationship with a bank, such as a business checking or savings account, can facilitate the approval process.
  6. Recent Credit Inquiries: Multiple recent applications for credit can act as a red flag for lenders, suggesting financial distress.
  7. Utilization Rate: Maintaining a low balance on other credit cards, compared to their limits, can have a favorable impact on your application.

Can 0% interest funding be used for personal purposes?

Using 0% interest funding from business credit cards for personal expenses is generally not advised. Doing so can violate the card’s terms, create accounting and tax complications, and potentially increase your legal liability. It’s best to consult your card agreement and seek legal advice to ensure compliance.

What if I don't have income?

If you don’t have a verifiable income, many banks still allow for a “realistic estimate” of your expected income. This is especially common for entrepreneurs or those starting new ventures. Remember that you’ll need to provide a credible estimate that aligns with industry norms, as this is all that most banks require. However, always be truthful in your reporting to avoid compliance issues.

What opportunities do you refer your members to?

Ultimately, we stray from the word “opportunities” and, more so, entertain and classify them as “avenues.” Thousands of business models exist, and ultimately, we propose the idea to our members that they could explore other avenues that our other members are venturing into successfully. Please note that your investments and decisions are your risks, and BogeGroup is NOT qualified to offer financial advice.

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